Bed Bug Information for Travelers

More often than not, we associate bed bugs with traveling. In the public eye, bed bug infestations are most often associated with having stayed in a bed bug infested hotel or motel. While this may be a misconception, and you may be just as likely to get bed bugs at a friend’s house or from the apartment next door, remaining vigilant while you travel is a good idea.

Doing some preparation work before your trip is important. Understanding what a bed bug looks like and where they are most likely to be found in a hotel/motel room  are important first steps.

When you are packing for your trip, it is a good idea to take into consideration the laundering requirements if you encounter bed bugs on your trip. It is also recommended that you take some large plastic bags with you, to store dirty clothing as there is evidence that bed bugs are attracted to dirty clothing and keeping your dirties separate from clean clothing can help reduce your risk of bringing bed bugs home.

If you take items with you that can not be put into a dryer, but which you think may have come into contact with bed bugs, freezing these items can be a good option for bed bug control.

If you went on a trip and now you have bed bugs in your home, please see this information for homeowners and tenants, and as always, remember these tips on what NOT to do when you have bed bugs.

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