Bed Bug Information in Somali

Somali communities in the United States can also face issues with bed bug infestations in their homes. These new materials in the Somali language will help Somali speakers learn more about bed bug prevention and control. These videos and tasksheets talk about bed bug prevention and control at home, working with a pest management professional and things NOT to do if you have bed bugs.


Control Bed Bugs at Home

Controlling Bed Bugs by Hand

Kill Bed Bugs Through Laundry


Using Laundering to Control Bed Bugs
Dhiqlaha ku dil dharmaydhida

Vacuuming to Capture Bed Bugs
Faakiyuum-garee dhiqlaha

Have I found a Bed Bug?
Ma Dhiqlaan Helay?

Hiring a Pest Management Professional
Shaqaalaynta Shirkada ladagaalanka Dhiqlaha

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering your Home
Sida aad Aqalkaaga uga Xakaamayn kartid inuu Dhiqle Yeesho

Controlling Bed Bugs by Hand
Sida aad Dhiqlaha gacantaada ugu xakamayn kartid

What NOT to Do When You Have Bed Bugs
Waxyaabaha aad u baahanyahay in aanad samayn markaad heshid dhiqle

Bed Bug Control in Residences
Xakamaynta Dhiqle ee Aqalka

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