Bed Bug Information in Spanish

Spanish is the second most common language in the United States. Many Spanish speaking families have to deal with bed bugs in their homes. The bed bug prevention and control materials listed below are written in Spanish. The materials describe how to prevent and control bed bugs, how to work with professionals to treat an infestation and what not to do if bed bugs are present.


Prevención y Control de las Chinches de la Cama

Control Bed Bugs at Home

Controlling Bed Bugs by Hand

Kill Bed Bugs Through Laundry

Task Sheets

Vacuuming to Capture Bed Bugs
Aspirar para Capturar las Chinches de la Cama

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering your Home
Como Prevenir que las Chinches de cama Entren en su casa

Hiring a Pest Management Professional
Contratando a una Compañía de Manejo de Plagas

Bed Bug Control in Residences
Control de las Chinches de Cama en Las Residencias

Controlling Bed Bugs by Hand
Controlando Las Chinches de la Cama a Mano

Have I found a Bed Bug?
He Encontrado una Chinche de la Cama?

Using Laundering to Control Bed Bugs
Lavar Objetos para Matar a las Chinches de la Cama

What NOT to Do When You Have Bed Bugs
Lo que NO debe hacer cuando tiene chinches

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