Bed Bug Information for Homeowners and Tenants

The way our homes are configured, owned, and organized varies across cultures and social groups but we all have in common the fact that we live in a home and our homes are primary targets for bed bug infestations. Bed bugs like to live close to their human hosts and are well adapted to surviving in our homes. While hiring a pest management professional to control a bed bug infestation is usually the best recommendation, it can be very expensive.

Bed Bug Information in Hmong

Hmong communities, just like any other community, can be severely affected by bed bugs. Here we have collected some information available in the Hmong language, including instruction videos and task sheets on controlling bed bugs at home, preventing bed bugs, working with pest management professionals and other helpful topics.

Just like any other pest, the best form of pest control is prevention. Check out this fact sheet “How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering your HomeTxoj kev

Maintaining a Mean, Green Lawn using IPM

Mower cutting grass.

Most homeowners enjoy a thick, green lawn, and as the weather gets warmer, keeping that lawn green and clean will get more challenging. Too much water can leave a lawn susceptible to disease, while too little water makes it dry and brown. Soil-borne insects such as grubs can eat the roots, and weeds can make the lawn look unkempt. Many homeowners feel the only way to solve these issues are with loads of chemicals.

Are insecticides and herbicides necessary to

How Control Head Lice Using Integrated Pest Management

How does transmission occur?

Due to the short time period that head lice can survive off the head, transmission may occur most commonly with head-to-head contact, which should be avoided. To further reduce potential for transmission, discourage sharing of combs, brushes, headbands, barrettes, pillows, hats, scarves, coats, backpacks, or other objects that may come in contact with the head. Where possible, place hats, scarves, and coats on hooks or in separate lockers or cubbies to avoid contact. If hooks are

Be Careful Using DDVP Strips for Pest Control

DDVP pesticide strip
Be careful using Nuvan strips

A Note of Caution when using DDVP strips for Pest Control

The recent news coverage and re-emergence of bed bugs has made people more aware of the potential to host these pests and others in their homes.  In response, more people have been using slow release pesticides for controlling these pests and others (such as cockroaches, spiders, and silverfish to name a few).  If not carefully used, the active ingredient DDVP or dichlorvos can cause