Do I need a pest control company?

Do I need a pest control company?

First, are you having trouble with pests in or around your home?

If the answer is NO, then you don’t currently need a pest control company.

However, if the answer is YES, then you may or may not need a pest control company. 

Note: this information is not regarding termites; termites are a separate issue that typically need a yearly inspection by a certified pest control company.

If you are having pest problems, the first step is to identify the pest you are having trouble with. This will let you know if you can solve the problem yourself or need to contact a pest control company.

Catch a few insects, preferably alive, or take a picture of the pest and take them in to the local health department or the county Extension Office for identification. Proper identification is crucial because it helps pinpoint what the insects eat, where you’ll find them, and what they look like at different stages of their life cycle.

Once you identify the insect, it’s often simple to determine if you need to control it. The solution may be as easy as simply sweeping the pest up with a broom, as in the case of accidental invaders (ex: smoky brown cockroach), you may only have to throw out an infested package of food in the case of a stored product pest, or you may need to remove rotten/decaying wood under a sink as is the case with carpenter ants.

If the pest identified is a more prolific indoor pest (ex: German cockroach), you may need to contact a pest control company to help you combat the problem before if gets worse.  These pests can be difficult for homeowners because they require multiple methods be employed to achieve proper control.

If you decide that you do need a pest control company, make sure to ask if the company practices IPM (integrated pest management).  IPM is the best and safest way to control pests around your home. You can find more information on IPM from the links below.



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