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Welcome to the to Urban IPM Self-Paced Learning Page. These collections of power points are for you to use to train yourself, or others about integrated pest management (IPM).  Please feel free to use our materials for your training purposes, but do remember to give us credit if you present these in front of a group.

Stop School Pests

The Stop School Pests IPM training materials include on-line and in-class training materials. These learning lessons are for all school community stakeholder groups including school administrators, facility managers, pest management professionals/school IPM coordinators, landscape and grounds staff, custodians, maintenance staff, nurses, food service staff, and teachers.   

Stop School Pests is now available to school employees across the United States and beyond at Stop School Pests portal offers specific training modules for each role that address the basics of smart pest management, identifies common pests found in schools, and the health risks associated with pesticides and pests. The training is free and open to anyone and is administered by the non-profit organization IPM Institute of North America. This training website is designed to offer continuing  education credit  where individuals can receive a certificate of completion. The training will help schools reduce pest complaints, pesticide use, and pest-related costs, and improve food and fire safety by teaching staff how to prevent pest problems before they occur. Below are the same power points, but these are designed to be viewed on this website or you can download them and present them yourself to your school district staff. 

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This material is based upon work that is supported in part by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Grants opportunity (#X8-83558901) awarded to the University of Arizona and partnering institutions; the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA NIFA) under the Crop Protection and Pest Management, Extension Implementation Program, award number 2014-70006-22488; and the University of Arizona – Arizona Pest Management Center (APMC). Any opinions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the project partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the USDA, the EPA or the University of Arizona.


Maine Department of Agriculture

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension 

The AgriLife Extension training materials include on-line and in-class presentations. Several of these presentations are designed to help TX School IPM Coordinators educate themselves and others about the TX School IPM Rules.  

University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska Pesticide Safety Team developed several power points on pest management. The first sets of presentations are for everyone.  The School Grounds modules are great for turf managers, grounds workers and athletic department workers.  The Structural Pest modules are good for custodians, pest management professionals, child care workers, apartment managers and anyone else wanting to learn a little more about a specific pest. 

School Grounds Pest Modules

Structural Pest Modules

Site Specific Modules